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Addiction Doctor Near Me, Burbank CA

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a medical condition that causes significant declines in social function, health, and substance control. We provide the finest treatment for substance dependency at our clinic. Our expert team will devise a unique programme to assist you with overcoming your addiction issues. 

What is Addiction Medicine?
Addiction medicine is used to help addicted people stop compulsive drug or alcohol consumption. It may be used to treat addiction issues and substance abuse disorders (SUDs) such as:
• Tobacco Use Disorder
• Alcohol Use Disorder
• Opioid Use Disorder

Signs of Drug/Alcohol Addiction

Some common symptoms of drug or alcohol addiction include:

  • Inability to control emotional input
  • Regular failure to show up or follow through on plans
  • A user frequently experiences shame and fears social disgrace
  • Withdrawn behavior and responding with animosity

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