annual physical

Annual Physical Exam in Burbank CA

An annual physical exam is an appointment with your primary care doctor that gives you the opportunity to ask questions about anything concerning your current health, as well as be tested for a variety of routine tests. It’s also a great time to update or first start talking about any lifestyle changes (such as quitting smoking), discuss any external factors affecting your health (work stress, addiction, family trouble) and provide new information on medical history.

Why do I need an annual physical? 

Annual physicals are the number one way to help identify any changes in your health, which could indicate you’re at risk for developing a more serious disease or medical condition. They can also help identify preventive steps you can take to maintain good health – like getting certain vaccinations and tests that will detect diseases and risks. Annual physicals provide an opportunity for the doctor to give helpful advice while allowing you time ask questions about anything else related with your well-being.

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