annual physical exam

Procedure For Annual Physicals in Burbank CA

Our specialist might ask for an update on recent alterations in your health history; this might include questions about your relationship, allergies, job, medications, supplements, or any recent surgeries. Our experts take blood pressure readings and check your respiratory rate and heart rate. Our trusted team will review your appearance for symptoms of any possible conditions.

In addition, we will check the parts of your body that could indicate any current health issues; this includes examining the following: head, eyes, chest, abdomen, hands, wrists, nervous system functions, speech, and walking. Our team of experts uses tools to look in your nose, ears, eyes, and throat. We will also listen to your lungs and heart.

Furthermore, our dedicated team also palpates parts of your body to feel for irregularities, check your hair, skin, and nails. Our specialists will examine your rectum and genitalia. We also test your reflexes and motor functions. Our specialist might draw blood for numerous laboratory tests. These can include a thorough blood count and a thorough metabolic panel.

The panel tests your blood plasma and can show any problems in your liver, kidneys, immune system, and blood chemistry; this helps discover irregularities in your body that may show a bigger problem.

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