COVID-19 Vaccination & Booster in Burbank

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COVID-19 Vaccination

Our office is using the Pfizer vaccine for Pediatric, Adult as well as for Boosters.

COVID-19 Infant Vaccinations Near Me - Burbank

We now offer COVID-19 Infant Vaccinations. Please contact our office for more information.

COVID 19 Vaccinations & Boosters for:
* Adults
* Ages 05-17
* Infants

COVID-19 Boosters

Taking a booster dose of the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine can limit your chances of getting infected. Also, the booster can also enhance the protection you have from your first two doses of the vaccine. For your COVID-19 vaccination, our practice is the ideal place to turn to. We deliver excellent and compassionate services.

What are COVID-19 Boosters?

A COVID-19 booster dose further protects people who have already taken their vaccine course. Here are some benefits of getting COVID-19 boosters:

  • This booster increases your protection against severe diseases
  • The booster increases your protection against infection with the virus that causes COVID-19
  • The booster significantly increases antibodies

Who is Eligible for COVID 19 Booster?

The following individuals may be eligible for a COVID-19 booster dose:

  • Adults
  • Ages 05-17
  • Infants
  • Persons aged 16 and above who received the Pfizer-BioNTech are eligible six months after finishing their initial vaccination process.
  • Persons aged 18 and above who received the Moderna vaccine can take boosters shots after six months.
  • Individuals that have received a single dose of the Janssen vaccine are eligible for the booster shot two months after the first shot.

Procedure For Administering COVID-19 Boosters

Our specialists start by finding out whether or not you are eligible for a COVID-19 Booster Shot. In administering the booster, we use the same vaccine product used for the primary series. However, patients are allowed to choose a different vaccine for the booster dose if they want. Our team of experts will discuss each type of vaccine's individual risks and benefits.

Furthermore, our qualified experts can offer to match and mix vaccines for boosters for individuals that are 18 years and above. Our trusted team ensures that immunecompromised patients are given the same type of boosters doses as their initial vaccine. For non-immunocompromised people, our specialist educates you on our booster products' peculiar risks and benefits.

Contact Us Today

For your COVID-19 vaccination and booster doses, contact us today at our practice to book an appointment. Our dedicated team will be happy to meet with you and enlighten you about your available options.