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Benefits of Testosterone HormoneĀ | Burbank CA

Testosterone hormone replacement can be beneficial for men with uncommonly low testosterone levels. However, it is not without risks. If you consider testosterone hormone replacement to make up for a natural decrease in testosterone levels, our experienced team will perform the procedure in the safest way possible to achieve desired results.

What Is Testosterone Hormone Replacement?

Testosterone hormone replacement is used to treat men who have low or no sex hormone production by their sex glands. The following are some of the advantages of testosterone hormone replacement: 

  • The procedure helps to improve the quality of erections
  • The procedure helps to increase sex drive
  • The procedure helps to improve energy levels
  • The procedure also enhances mental and physical well being

Procedure for Testosterone Hormone Replacement

We provide the finest and top-quality treatments and services at our clinic. The following hormone replacement therapies are available: intramuscular testosterone injections, testosterone patches, and testosterone topical gel. 

  • Intramuscular Testosterone Injections: During intramuscular testosterone injections, our team of experts will inject these into the muscles of your buttocks for a period of two to three weeks.
  • Testosterone Patches: Testosterone patches involve our specialist applying these each day to your arm, back, buttocks, or abdomen.
  • Topical Testosterone Gel: Our team of experts offers topical testosterone gel for you to apply to your shoulders, arms, or abdomen each day.

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