nutritional counseling

Procedure for Nutritional Counseling in Burbank

Our specialist starts by running some tests to check your current diet. We also try to collect as much information about your health and diet as possible. Our team of experts asks the patient to jot down all of the beverages and foods they consume for a whole day. With this information about your current food intake, we can recommend which foods to eat.

Our team of experts will also organize meal plans to provide all the necessary nutrition you need tactically. Our specialist might recommend that you adhere to a strict balanced diet. Such foods might include vegetables, whole grains, high-protein food, healthy oils, and low-sugar fruits. Our dedicated team advises you to stay away from high sugar snacks, nutrition-deficient junk foods, and highly caffeinated drinks.

Included in the list of foods our team of experts might want you to avoid are alcohol, white sugar, fried, processed foods, soda, juice, and artificial sweeteners. Our trusted team might also recommend that you eat foods rich in minerals and vitamins. Our experienced team will teach you nutrition counseling, including diet recommendations and scheduling. Timing meals can help monitor your blood sugar efficiently.

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